About me sections are the worst. Not reading them. Writing them! I am not one to talk about myself extensively so bear with me!


My name is Sadie Hodge, I live in Alexandria, KY and I’ve been shooting for over 14 years now.

Whoa. Where did that time go?

I know what you’re thinking.. Did I start shooting when I was 12? Well, thats another thing about me, I look way younger than I am! Which is totally fine with me, until someone comes to my door and asks if my mom is home. ;) 


You will usually find me covered in little dogs. A crazy pug named Bubbles. A snuggly attention starved yorkie named Piper. My “foster fail” senior toothless yorkie named Stuart. And my current foster, (scratch that, another foster fail.. who saw that coming?!) a meatball shaped senior chihuahua named Harvey. :) If I’m not with them, shooting, or at my computer, I hope I'm outside longboarding or kayaking.


I want to create timeless and fun portraits for you! Whether at your 1 year olds session, following them around as they explore, or your senior session finding fun new locations and trying new things! 


Let’s hang out and get some awesome photos!