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How it all started.

Oh, talking about myself. So fun. Or not.. BUT, this was a fun trip down memory lane to remember what got me into photography in the first place. A chance to get to know me a little better. :)

Photo By Jessica Kinder. Jessica K Photography

I first picked up a camera about 16 years ago. I am horrible with dates and the only reason I remember that is because it was when my nephew Noah was born, who just turned 16 on April 25th! (The perfect date, not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.) <Honestly the reason I will always remember his birthday.

So, there I was with my parents automatic film camera. Nothing fancy, no interchangeable lenses, just click, shoot.

I had seen newborn photos here and there and thought, I wanna try that. Noah was laying on our loveseat in the living room and I took a few. Close up face shots, detail shots of his feet, hands, etc. Black and white film mind you, because I'm fancy. Got the film developed. You know, dropped it off at Walmart and waited a few days to go pick it up. So many of you don't even know what its like having to wait DAYS to see your photos. Anyway... Excited to see them, open up the envelope, anticipation building, open up the other envelope INSIDE of the envelope, flip through to get to my wonderful photos and.... what? These look like butt. Why don't my photos look like the ones I've seen? It was fancy black and white film, these should look like masterpieces! But alas, they looked like a 14 year old girl shot them on her parents automatic film camera on a couch in her living room. Weird.

Oh my gosh guys, WAIT! It started sooner than that! I just had a fantastic flash back. Ok, so, Barbie camera. Barbie DIGITAL camera. That's right. Had to be like 3megapixels. Cut to my sister and I having friends over, me taking photos of all of them and super imposing their heads on a scene provided by the barbie program of barbies hanging out by the pool. If I could find that photo, it should be my new FB cover, because, dang. That's good stuff.

Ok, sorry for that tangent! Next, I got a real point and shoot! Correction, my parents got a point and shoot and I decided it was mine. Maybe upgraded to 6 megapixels. Got myself Photoshop Elements and went. to. town.

Saturation all the way up? YES. Mess with colors until my skin tone is nowhere near human? CHECK! Add in fake sun flares? DONE! And dude, I loved it. Even though I was terrible and making photos into ridiculousness, it was so much fun.

Eventually, I calmed myself down with over processing photos. Somewhat. (I recall a photo critique in college where the teacher said my subjects skin tone was too green, to which I replied, "Yeah, I wanted it like that" Good grief Sadie.) I still loved finding out what I could do with Photoshop, it was too much fun. And I still love it! I'm happiest when I'm getting to do creative edits!

In 2005 I decided to go to school for photography. I honestly had no intention of making it a career really. I just REALLY wanted to know how to work my camera, understand lighting, and get the images I was picturing in my head that I could just never make a reality. Being a home schooled kid, college was a whole new thing, and it was pretty awesome. I met some super amazing people there!

I kind of fell into shooting weddings. I did my cousins first, and then a few people asked me to do theirs. Bless you guys for giving this over editing girl a chance!

Over the years my style has changed, thankfully. Although I love to over process the heck out of things sometimes for fun. It seems like it took a really long time to get to the point I've arrived at within the last couple years. Mainly this last year. I think its a point that every professional photographer has to come to. In client photo session editing, less is more. Realizing that a consistent style is important. Having a style where a client can look at your work and know exactly what they are going to get. Finally finding this point is really satisfying.

It also shows how much there always is to learn. I mean, I totally thought that green skin tone looked good. It was edgy, right? So, who knows, I may look back on where I am now and wonder what the heck I was thinking!

Such is the life of a photographer I guess!

Now, for the fun part. Feast your eyes on these photo shopping gems from the early days.

Wings guys. I gave myself wings.

I'm not gonna lie. I still think these cloning photos are fun. This could be done better, but, THERE'S THREE OF ME. 2007ish

So what have we learned? How it all started for me. Also, maybe that just because you CAN do something in photoshop, doesn't mean you should. haha!

Thanks for reading how this whole photography gig started for me, and for laughing with me at my mad photoshop skills back in the day.

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