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It's not just about the camera.

"I wish I had a fancy camera like yours!"

"Wow your camera takes really good pictures!"

"You must love your job, just getting to take pictures all day!"

Insert face palm here.

As a photographer, these are the worst things to hear. There is so much more to a photographer than their camera. A ridiculous amount more. Yes, they are making cameras now that will do everything for you but wash your car, but to be a real photographer, you have to have more than the money to buy a fancy camera. You need knowledge about that fancy camera, an eye for composition, understanding of light, and depending on style, a knowledge of post processing techniques to take that photo from average to "OMG YOUR CAMERA MUST BE SUPER AWESOME" status.

Before and after photos are some of my favorite things. I love looking at my own, and other photographers because I love to see what can be done with a raw photo. Seeing someones vision come to life with more than just taking the photo. The editing process has always been one of the best parts of photography to me. As evidenced by my over processing shown in my last blog. By the way, sorry for making your eyes bleed.

Anyway, I'm super excited to just share some before and after photos here to show that its not always just a "fancy camera" that makes the image! Understanding camera settings, lighting, and post processing is all so important!

I'd love to hear what you think!

Loved this senior session. Carly rocked it.

This was honestly a poorly exposed photo to start with. We had a very limited time to run out of the reception to grab some photos before we lost the sun all together. This was one of the first shots I grabbed before tweaking my settings and I just loved it. So I had to save it!

Senior sessions with animals of any kind are my jam.

Flash back to bedroom selfies over 7 years ago. I've just always loved this one.

This is a composite of quite a few images. I believe I used upwards of 10 different shots for this final image. Composites are my favorite. Making something completely different than when you started. I have so many more of these, but it is already getting out of hand. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and check out some before and after photos! You kinda rock.

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